Quick Lime (Cao) known by its chemical name Calcium Oxide is formed by the calcinating Calcium Carbonate (Lime Stone), by which the carbon dioxide is set out. Quick Lime is also known by other few names too, such as;

Burnt Lime.
Calcined Lime.
Handpicked Lime.
Lump Lime.
Caustic Lime.

Quick Lime are white colored lumps, even customized in powder form . It does not get fully dissolved in water and is an alkaline substance. We provide you with the best quality of Quick Lime which is free from Silica and has very low iron and aluminum impurities in it; our Quick Lime range includes Dolomitic Lime, Burnt Lime, and Grinded Quick Lime.

RMCL's Calcium Oxide / Quick Lime is supplied in different grading tailored to specific requirements for client industries.


  1. Construction Industry: used for making cement ,mortar and bricks
  2. Paint Industry: used itself for whitewashing or with addetives for white paints
  3. Paper Industry: used as a bleching agent
  4. Detergents: used in bleaching powder
  5. Metal Alloys and Steel Industries: Due to its ability to react with silicates, it is used in manufacture of metal alloys, particularly high-grade steel
  6. Chemical Industry: used as an acid neutralizer in the chemical industry. And basic ingredient for important chemicals like calcium carbide, calcium nitrate, soda ash and calcium bisulphate
  7. Water Treatment industry: In areas were streams are plagued with acid mine drainage, crushed limestone is dispensed into the streams to neutralize their waters.
  8. Leather Industry: used in the removal of hair from animal hides
  9. Refactroy Manufacturing: it is used in the lining of furnaces as it has a high melting point
  10. Glass Industries: it is commonly used in soda-lime glass and is being increasingly used to coat surgical implants.
  11. Sugar Industries: in clarifying cane and beet industries
  12. Steel Manufacturing: it is used as a flux to remove impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur.
  13. Minning Industries: used in drilling fluids.
  14. Water Purification and Water Waste Treatment: Its highly alkaline nature enables its use in purifying water and in sewage treatment to reduce acidity, harden water, remove impurities like phosphates
  15. Soil Stabilization: used as a fertilizer to reduce acidity of soil, and make it more alkaline
  16. Flue Gas Treatment: it is used for precipitation, to de-sulphurize waste gases in industry
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