Bentonite -(Al, Fe0.67 Mg0.33) Si4O10(OH)2Na,Ca0.33

Bentonite is the geographical name of the clay produced by the diversification of volcanic ash. It varies in colour. It can be grey, blue, yellow, red and brown. The pH varies from 4 to 10. Has appearance of a white powder.

The Bentonite or Hydrated Aluminium Silicate has ability to absorb water several times of its weight and give thick tropic effect.

The Sodium/ Calcium based Bentonite is a versatile mineral that caters to a wide range of industries from traditional usage areas such as metal casting, iron ore palletizing, civil engineering, drilling, pet litter etc.

RMCL Bentonite also finds speciality application areas such as paper, detergents and cosmetics.

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Betonite has been started being utilized in manufacturing of insecticides.

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